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We are an independently owned business that offers you high quality driving lessons tailored to your needs. We can help you learn to drive in High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Aylesbury, Gerrards Cross, Prestwood, Hazlemere and Amersham.


We can help everyone; from the novice beginner to the more experienced driver just looking for a refresher course.

A driving course for all

We are a friendly locally run driving school that will tailor lessons to your skills and your requirements.

Driving lessons

How about a refresher course

Our refresher course is designed with you in mind. This refresher will help you top up and hone your driving skills.

Refresher course

Pass Plus Assistance

Pass Plus is an intensive driving course that will teach you things that are not covered in a typical driving course. Click below to learn more.

Pass Plus Assistance

Tips to become a better driver?

Don't Assume

The unexpected can and will happen

Don't assume people around you will drive well. Many people have bad habits.

Visual Scanning

Know what is around you

Know what is in front, to the side and behind you; and see the signs.

Safe Distance

Give yourself time to react

By keeping a safe distance behind other cars you will have a safety margin.

Control Emotions

Emotional decisions are normally bad

In the car you are more likely to be safe and drive well if you are calm.

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Driving lessons tailored to you

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